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Materials from the PRSA-KAGC Social Media Presentation

I would like the thank the Thoroughbred Chapter of the PRSA and the KY Association of Government Communicators for allowing me to speak at their Fall conference. The slides and video (in a playlist) are below. How Can Social Media Fit Into My Daily Life? View more presentations from Bill Dotson.

Upcoming Events Related to Web Marketing

I’m going to hold more events with the Ad Club and they are open to the public. This is a description of the events and months when we’ll hold them. The next one (date, time, place: TBA) will be about Lead Generation and how you can increase your lead gen efforts using the web – from useful web sites to

Funny Things Seen in the Last 30 Days

From time to time, I grab pics of things that are strange or funny. This guy is trying too hard..that’s a “B” for Bentley, new wheels, tires, tinted…. and a closer look Yep, it’s not a Bentley…its a Chrysler/Dodge chop top. Probably has some self image issues… Next one…I don’t even know what the image on the right means…it was

A Modern Exec's Guide to Establishing an Online Presence

Earlier today, I went through a great exercise with a very smart someone. We talked about getting online to build a personal brand and establishing a presence online. The reason: this is where people look for you. So, if you want to be able to be discovered online you need an online presence. Here’s what we discussed: Establish a web

I'm Ironman!

Since its Jan 1, 2007, I thought I’d start out the first post of the new year by letting everyone know about the Superhero quiz. Check out my results and a link to it at the bottom: Your results:You are Iron Man Iron Man 80% Green Lantern 60% Superman 55% Spider-Man 55% Hulk 55% The Flash 55% Catwoman 55% Robin

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