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    ISBO Presentation: Tech and Business Tools

    The presentation from yesterday is online at SlideShare and embedded below. If you’d like the PowerPoint file, here you go: Technology, the Net, and Your Time. A “near transcript” of the presentation can be found on the ISBO site. Technology The Net And Your Time View SlideShare presentation (tags: technology tool online tip)

    10 Tips to Save Money Using Technology

    From time to time, I’m asked — can tech save my company money? It can. Without tech, we might not have companies! This is a list of questions related to saving money on operational costs by using your IT systems better. If you’ve got any ideas about saving money or containing costs, e-mail them to me at or post

    Follow-up on .ME domains

    For those of you who are having trouble at the GoDaddy site, feel free to e-mail me and I will order the domain(s) for you. My rep has a way to get the orders through the system faster than the web interface. GoDaddy is catching a lot of crap for not being able to handle the load of orders today.

    New .ME Domains available

    I have a bit of news you or your clients/brands may be interested in: New ”.me” domains are available today. For example, you could register just like The fee is about $20/yr. You may never use it, but it will prevent others from doing so. I use GoDaddy to register my domains. GoDaddy is one of the few

    We Almost Had a New World Record

    For those of you who don’t know, Tyson Gay almost set a world record today. He had too much help from the wind so the time does not count. However, no one has ever run a 100 meter race as fast as Tyson. The reason I care: he is from Lexington KY and went to my high school. So, here’s