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    Upcoming Events Related to Web Marketing

    I’m going to hold more events with the Ad Club and they are open to the public. This is a description of the events and months when we’ll hold them. The next one (date, time, place: TBA) will be about Lead Generation and how you can increase your lead gen efforts using the web – from useful web sites to

    Funny Things Seen in the Last 30 Days

    From time to time, I grab pics of things that are strange or funny. This guy is trying too hard..that’s a “B” for Bentley, new wheels, tires, tinted…. and a closer look Yep, it’s not a Bentley…its a Chrysler/Dodge chop top. Probably has some self image issues… Next one…I don’t even know what the image on the right means…it was

    (Human) Networking Presentation from Last Friday

    Last week, I had the pleasure of giving a “how to” presentation on networking for the KY Association of Land Surveyors. It’s not only on social media – rather, its about meeting people in person, remembering names, and more. The slides and videos (raw and unedited) are posted over on the new company site: and below… There are lots

    Mobile Marketing Event in Lexington

    On January 21st, the Lexington Ad Club is hosting Chris Ramsdale of Air2web to talk about mobile marketing. Chris is a friend of mine who knows more about mobile marketing than anyone I know. Air2Web handles the mobile marketing for companies like UPS, Dominos, LIfeway, Discover, Starbucks, and more Event details and registration are at, but here’s the basics:

    Follow-up from the Digital Dialogues Event

    I just added a video on how to list your business in local directories. The blog post is titled: Adding Your Organization to Local Directories. Every business should be in these directories.