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    Windows Vista Screenshots

    Last year we got some shots of Office 12. Here are the shots of Windows Vista — the latest operating system. I have a feeling that the training centers will make a lot of money at the end of next year and in 2007. Bill

    Microsoft Office Live is Online — Or, is it?

    Microsoft Office Live is online. That’s what Microsoft would have us believe. The new service by Microsoft is really not online in the sense of the “I do not need anything on my computer, but a browser” to use it. This post by Jason at 37signals let’s one know just how “online” the system is. If Microsoft requires its Office

    Microsoft News on the new Office platform

    Microsoft released information about Office 2007 (formerly Office 12). Here are a few stores for now. I’m going to come back and comment later: eWeek

    Delegation — a Great Book to Read

    Delegation is mysterious to many of us. What do you ask others to do? What do you do yourself? While these questions are somewhat position related, there are some basic rules about delegating. These steps are from a book and presentation (see below) 1 Prepare Beforehand 2. Clearly define the task to be completed. Be specific. Ask the person to

    Microsoft and Intercepting Strategic Vector

    I’ve been very remiss about catching up on the blogs I enjoy reading. This morning, I rebuilt the entire site and had to repost every single entry because Yahoo will not provide support for MoveableType. One day soon, I’m going to post the entire customer support conversation. I get a kick out of it now that I figured out how

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