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    Learning in Las Vegas

    My wife and I are in Las Vegas right now and have learned a few things about an industry leader trying to fit into a niche market. We’re staying at the Westin — we love Starwood hotels — since we like the experience and wanted to try a place off the strip. I confess that I didn’t do a lot

    My Weekly Wrap Up of Great News

    This post is online (below) and in the attached MP3 file. Let me know what you think of it. I’ve collected quite a few articles to publish in this week’s news post. Most of the news comes via print magazines, but some is online. This is also the first post that will include audio commentary on the stories. I’m trying

    Podcast Test

    This is my podcast test. The file is located here: FeedBurner has a SmartCast service that should enable this to work for me (and anyone else). The link for my fee there is

    The Future of Servers and Computing

    Continuing in the trend of articles about the future of IT and how we’re in such an infant stage, I read a great post today by Nicholas Carr. (Yes, that Nicholas Carr who wrote “Does IT matter?). The premise of the article is that worldwide server sales make a lot of money for companies like Dell and HP. However, the

    Example of Technology Allowing People to Experience Events

    Over the past few weeks, I’ve looked at Google Video to see what kinds of media people are putting online. There is an amazing amount of content. Old Michael Jordan commercials, the National Archive footage, and the worst home videos you’ve ever seen. One of my favorites is an unknown person’s footage of Hurricane Katrina from the Beau Rivage hotel

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