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    Carbonite — Online Backup for $5/mo

    Finally! I’ve been in the market for a personal electronic, offsite backup for our home files. I can now back-up all my files for $5/mo at Carbonite. A few weeks ago — well, maybe a month — I signed up to get the official “We’re Live” notice from them. I signed up as soon as I got it. My wife

    Oil and Gas

    Exxon Mobil and a few other oil and gas companies just released 1 Q earnings. Exxon made over $9B in income — a figure that most businesses will never see if they add up all years of revenues. Is this wrong? Is Exxon wrong? I say that they are not doing anything wrong. Exxon is in the business they are

    Weekly Roundup of Excellent Tools & News

    Its time for the weekly roundup again. In the spirit of Guy Kawasaki, I’m doing this from 30k feet coming back from Vegas. The “All Things Web 2.0” post by Bob Stumple is wonderful. When they say “all things” , they really mean it. The list breaks some services/products down into categories for easy discovery, but the list does not

    Rethinking Conferences

    While vacationing in Vegas, I thought a bit about conferences and conventions. Do we really need to attend them anymore? The answer lies in one’s reason for attending the conference. If you go for the face to face networking, hands-on interaction with the vendors, client meetings, or breakout sessions, then you should probably still go. However, if you go to

    Innovation and Inspiration

    Achieving World Class Performance This isn’t really news, but I feel compelled to post it since some of the readers of this blog are managers of people. The post “Why is Innovation Such a Hot Topic? Two Sides of a Coin” by Irving Wladawsky-Berger mentions his attendance at IBM’s annual partner conference. IBM hosted Bert Rutan (of SpaceShipOne fame). Irving’s