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    Update on Carbonite Online Backup

    I’ve been using Carbonite for a few weeks now and it’s been backing up ~25 gigs of my data. It’s been really great not having to worry about the archiving and security of the files. Between the time I started using it and now, a friend had his laptop stolen. He lost pictures and videos of his family in addition

    Google Spreadsheet Service – Not about Excel in the Office

    The new Spreadsheets service from Google is great for our family. It’s free, online at all times, backed up, and accessible from any PC I visit. This means that my wife and I can edit our family budget, gift lists, etc… I can open up the file for her to view and/or edit. No need for VPNs or other connection

    Free US landline or mobile calls from Skype

    Our phone industry continues to change. Skype announced that it is providing free calls from Skype to any US-based landline (POTS) or mobile number through the end of the year. This is amazing. There are over 100 million people using Skype — many of whom probably would like to call the US for business or family. Previously, they could call

    Paying for Value and not Time

    The other day, I spoke with an engineer I respect. He and I were talking about a number of issues, but one still resonates with me: Are we, as businesspeople, truly ready to pay for value instead of time? We talked about it in the aspect of a computer engineer’s time to perform tasks and the value of those tasks.

    Blogging, Podcasting, and the Law

    Just a quick post for the people interested in protecting their rights to publish and “speak”. The EFF and a group coordinated by Stanford Law School have published two guides. The EFF guide to blogging and the law can be found here: The brand new Podcasting Legal Guide can be found here: If you want to pay attention

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