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    Google now has a patent search. Business Business books of the year by BusinessWeek and Amazon. For the philosophers…The Nietzsche Family Circus … a must see Free software giveaway site:

    Utilities Thinking Ahead

    Very interesting information from Nick Carr: Pacific Gas & Electric Company last month began paying corporate customers to reduce the number of servers they run. The giant California utility, reports Larry Dignan, is giving companies cash rebates for using virtualization software to consolidate their applications onto fewer servers. The rebates typically amount to between $150 and $300 for each server

    Latest ChangeThis Published

    The latest issue of ChangeThis is available online. I encourage all readers who are interested in thinking — truly thinking — about their career and life to read ChangeThis.   Technorati tags: change, changethis

    Lesson Remembered: Planting Seeds for Change

    I had the good fortune to have lunch with someone who reminded me of a very important element of consulting. Its all about change. Many of the elements about a client situation are obvious when viewed with an outsider’s perspective. The outsider (consultant) is not burdened with internal politics, history, or other detritus. When the outsider presents information to the client, it

    Change in the Blog

    Tonight, I made a change in the process of blogging. I’ve separated the IT and Business Development into two different blogs. All past posts will be located at this blog. Future IT and Biz Dev posts will be separated unless they are of general interest. The new blog addresses are: and The subscription feeds are active on both sites,

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