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    Manna from Heaven — a Report from MIT on the Stages of IT Inside an Organization and How Growing Causes Pain

    There are reports on IT every day. Boring, dead reports. Here’s one everyone should read. After reading it, decide how much you are willing to do to grow. In the December 2006 edition of CIO, an article from CIO and the MIT CISR covered the stages of enterprise architecture. Essentially, organizations go through stages of IT maturity. Don’t miss this table.

    Our Changing World – Internet TV

    My children will not remember a TV without a Net connection. The boys are 5 and almost 2. By the time they are 10, all TVs will connect to the Net natively. Sony just released a new TV that reads RSS channels. This means the couch potato will be able to surf from a La-z-boy with little to no hassle.

    I'm Ironman!

    Since its Jan 1, 2007, I thought I’d start out the first post of the new year by letting everyone know about the Superhero quiz. Check out my results and a link to it at the bottom: Your results:You are Iron Man Iron Man 80% Green Lantern 60% Superman 55% Spider-Man 55% Hulk 55% The Flash 55% Catwoman 55% Robin

    Blog Feeds and Podcasts for Selling

    Hi everyone: This is a partial list of the blogs and podcasts I read regularly. You may want to review these regularly to stay on top of trends, improve your sales activity, and focus your mind on what you’re doing. These are all RSS feeds. Copy and paste them in your feed reader. (If you do not know what one

    We are Sheep

    As I’m flying to St Louis today reading Bruce Scheier’ “Beyond Fear”, I’m struck by something so obvious that I feel stupid. We all fill out forms online. Many of the forms require some sort of security verification in the event of a lost password. For instance, your Mother’s Maiden name is frequently used. I imagine many people use their

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