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    Outsourcing everything

    Teaching your child to tie his shoes? Is it possible? Yes. Recently, the WSJ ran a story on outsourcing so much in one’s personal life. One company that helps you get things done is GetFriday. You can outsource quite personal tasks such as arranging party details, paying bills, setting up appointments, and so forth.   Their uncommon requests are great

    Disk Space Wasted by Attorneys and Accountants

    Are you a disk space abuser? Every law firm and accounting firm I’ve ever seen is. The e-mail signature and disclaimers are such a waste. After receiving a message from one today, I thought I’d take about 5 minutes to figure out how much disk waste is produced by a small firm over a three year period. In a very

    Want to Get Something Done? Decrease the Number of People on a Team and…

    give them full authority to act. Have a look at the start-up companies listed at StartupSearch. Notice the number of employees in the companies. They are small. Not only this, they are constrained by resources. They are getting things done! Do you want to accomplish something new and amazing? Then shrink. Source: Technorati tags: start-up, startup, progress

    Tired of Phone Trees?

    Bringo is a company that will help you get through all of the “push 1 for sales, push 2 for service” when you need to reach a human at a large company. It’s not a tool for sales people — its a tool for the customer. I have not tested it yet, but I’m going to on my next trip.

    Planning meetings with people in different time zones?

    If you are setting up a meeting with people in different time zones, you might want to take a look at the World Clock Meeting Planner. It’s very easy to use and will even show you the times when people in a particular zone are likely sleeping so you can choose a more convenient time for everyone.

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