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Interview Questions from Pat Murray

I’m always on the lookout for great interview questions. Pat Murray spoke at my last Vistage meeting. His topic was Group Dynamics. Pat was the best Vistage speaker I’ve heard in a while. All of our speakers are good, but this guy set a new standard. Great interview questions help you learn a lot about a person’s natural tendencies and

Knowing When to Quit

We just put up a new post on knowing when to quit over at WebMedley. It’s worth reading…

WebMedley’s Chrysalis: Big Changes

Chad and I made the decision to change WebMedley from an entrepreneurially run company to a professionally managed company. The change will be positive for our clients, teammates, and for us personally. This post explains why we’re doing it, what’s involved, and how we’re going to share the details of this journey. Why Make The Change? The company is about

Dear AMEX – Funny One

A few days ago, I made an inquiry to American Express. I have four different types of their cards (multiple business/personal uses) and have been a client since 1996. I requested that AMEX call me since there is (or was) a problem with their phone lines. Below, you’ll see the exchange of messages (start at the bottom and read up).

Working all the time and loving it

I am thankful to be able to work all the time. The last year gave a lot of people pause — do I have a job? Where is the check coming from? Etc Well, I’d like to thank our clients for helping us grow, my team for putting in the time, and our contractors for filling out our needs. An

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