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10 Tips to Save Money Using Technology

From time to time, I’m asked — can tech save my company money? It can. Without tech, we might not have companies! This is a list of questions related to saving money on operational costs by using your IT systems better. If you’ve got any ideas about saving money or containing costs, e-mail them to me at or post

Upcoming Document Risk Seminar in Lexington and Louisville

This seminar was canceled due to lack of response. We’re offering a seminar on document retention and risk management on the 4th and 5th. One seminar is in Lexington and the other in Louisville. When brainstorming about valuable content to share, I thought this would be a good idea because so many businesses need to be organized. Will Montague and

$20,000 Extreme Technology Makeover

My new firm, Hensley, Elam, and Associates, is giving away new hardware, software, and services to a few businesses in the Bluegrass region. We are taking applications from for-profit and non-profit businesses in need of help with their technology. Our Ingram-Micro rep, Sara, gave me the idea so I cannot claim it as my own. The contest will have multiple

How Much to Spend on IT

The latest CIO issue is out and it has a nice article about the “proper” amount of capital to spend on IT systems. The article does a very fair job of presenting the research. Instead of looking at a percent of total revenue or a percent of operating expense, the research details we should use a % of net revenue

Think Like the Mob: One Perspective on IT Initiatives

CIO Magazine has a fun article about the mob’s CIO. While the article is fictional, there is a great perspective we can learn from it:

Unless it makes or saves money, we don’t do it.

I wish everyone would think like this and track projects and meetings like this.

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