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Funny Exchange

My sons were playing. N is 7 and P is 3. Then I heard… N: You are afraid of heights. P: No, I’m not. N: Yes, you are. P: No, I’m not….what are “heights”? I just started laughing. Don’t we all get like P from time to time? Arguing just because we can. Ha ha….

Dear AMEX – Funny One

A few days ago, I made an inquiry to American Express. I have four different types of their cards (multiple business/personal uses) and have been a client since 1996. I requested that AMEX call me since there is (or was) a problem with their phone lines. Below, you’ll see the exchange of messages (start at the bottom and read up).

Superbowl Time sponsored by Hip Hop

Sunday night is the night. Does it get any more historic than the Packers and Steelers? I love it.

Funny Things Seen in the Last 30 Days

From time to time, I grab pics of things that are strange or funny. This guy is trying too hard..that’s a “B” for Bentley, new wheels, tires, tinted…. and a closer look Yep, it’s not a Bentley…its a Chrysler/Dodge chop top. Probably has some self image issues… Next one…I don’t even know what the image on the right means…it was